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Solution for Non-Recyclable Materials

Our initiative centers on the tracking, repurposing, and prolonging the lifespan of plastic and metal items that aren't eligible for curbside recycling within the sports industry. Our goal is to maximize the utility of each item and prevent them from ending up in landfills.

children enjoying soccer
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Youth Development

Empowerment through Sports Access

By facilitating the redistribution of sports gear and apparel, we empower young individuals in underserved communities. Through events and access to necessary sports gear, we promote not only the physical benefits of sports but also the social-emotional well-being.

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Environmental Education in Sports 

We educate about the intersectionality between our actions in sports and their impact on the environment around us. Our focus is on promoting responsible consumption and production.

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Creating a circular economy for sports gear & textiles, so every kid can play. 

Starting by upcycling soccer gear.


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Our Industry Partners


Sustainability, Youth Development, & Education

Donate your sports gear

Do you have a full closet or storage locker? Learn more about the type of gear we accept and how you can donate it.

Receive sports gear

Do your kids need sports gear, or are you an organization that needs sports gear? Apply now! 

Corporate circularity 

Do you need help with sustainability goals? We can help. 

Donate monetarily

All donations go directly to our mission, helping us where it's needed most.


Shop Passback Gear.

Offering gently-used sports gear at a fraction of the retail price. All items are donated, and proceeds go back to our mission.